CV, part 3 - Speaker & Presenter Activity:

World Congress of Psychiatry, Mexico City, Mexico (27-30 September 2018)

  • “Digital Epidemiology of Paraphilias on Information Exchange Platforms — Proposed Methodological Pipeline for Characterizing Paraphilias in the Digital Age and Developing Targeted Psychiatric Ecounseling”

  • “Suicidal Ideations as Digital Commodity for Attention — a Multinational Interventional Study of Individuals Who Completed Unsuccessful Suicide Attempt Live-Streamed on the Internet”

Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, New York City, United States (5-9 May 2018)

  • "Digital Ethnography of Veterans With PTSD Who Engage in Health Information-Seeking Behavior on the Internet: Implications for Etherapy"

26th European Congress of Psychiatry, Nice, France (3-6 March 2018)

  • “Cosmopolitanism of gay BDSM culture: Cultural study of U.S. and Poland”

  • "Heath information-seeking behavior on digital information exchange platforms: A meta-analysis"

  • “Help information-seeking behavior of American veterans: A cluster analysis of health concerns most frequently discussed on the internet”

  • “Paraphilias on the Internet: Overview of methodological approach”

  • “Transgenderism in Poland”

43rd Annual Meeting of the International Academy for Sex Research, Charleston, S.C., United States (23-26 July 2017)

  • “Making use of the information exchange platforms in capturing data on sexual perversions”

25th European Congress of Psychiatry, Florence, Italy (1-4 April 2017)

  • “Suicidal ideation expressed in online video diaries: New form of sharing intention to die.”

  • “Motivation of sexual relationship with animal – Study of a multinational group of 345 zoophiles.”

  • “Digital communities of people with paraphilia: A study of zoophiles.”

  • “Rethinking classification of zoophilia.”

  • “Psychiatric treatment-associated stigmatization as viewed through eyes of rural health clinic patients.”

42nd Annual Meeting of  the International Academy for Sex Research, Malmo, Sweden (26-30 June 2016)

  • “Contemporary understanding of zoophilia.”

13th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology, Dubrovnik, Croatia (26-29 May 2016)

  • “Online forums allow pedophiles to redeem their sins: a qualitative evaluation of pedophilic traits among internet users.”

23rd International Symposium about Current Issues and Controversies in Psychiatry, Barcelona, Spain (28-30 April 2016)

  • “How the exposure to trauma has hindered physician's capacity to heal: prevalence of PTSD among healthcare workers.”

4th MedIQ International Congress of Medical Simulation and Education for Young Doctors, Lublin, Poland (13-15 May 2016)

  • “Optic nerve diameter is a predictor of increased intracranial pressure in trauma patients: a meta-analysis of studies where eye sonography was used in adult and pediatric patient assessment.”

Celebrating Achievements of Polish Doctoral Scientists, Cracow, Poland (4 April 2016) 

  • “Using internet in sociological and psychological research: methodological and ethical considerations.”

Medical, Sociological, and Psychosocial Aspects of Civilization Diseases, Lublin, Poland (28 January 2016)

  • “Using online discussion forums in psychological research.”

Non-Presenting Guest:

Annual Meeting of American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, Denver, C.O., United States (26-29 October 2017)