This group of research projects examines three themes — the Internet as a facilitator of self-destructive behavior, psychiatric health-information seeking behavior on digital platforms, and PTSD among military veterans. The underlying hypothesis of these studies is that people utilize technologies to access health advice; This practice is especially relevant to individuals experiencing psychiatric distress, depression, or suicidal ideations. Therefore, it is worth examining the role of digital technologies in propagating psychiatric health interventions that could be theoretically delivered via the Internet. We work with individuals from all walks of life who self-report problematic use of the Internet to deal with psychiatric distress. Among the most significant research accomplishments, our group has been able to study mental pain affecting people with paraphilias who participate in online discussion forums, as well as teenagers and young professionals who unsuccessfully attempted suicide while live-streaming it online. Through these observational and qualitative studies, we recruit individuals for remote, free of charge, therapy sessions that aim to decrease distress associated with specific psychiatric disability.