The Leadership Psychology with Dr. Damian Jacob Sendler is a signature interview series featuring ‘positive influencing’ article series, promoting actionable tricks toward becoming a strong and resilient leader. The whole idea for producing these materials is to use the knowledge of leadership psychology to present informative and inspirational materials to readers who want to become stronger managers, influencers, and thought leaders.

Who participates? The series source authorities from around the world. The main goal is to study, summarize, and expose case studies of successful leaders and their application of leadership psychology in achieving success. To counterbalance “experiential” case studies, the Leadership Psychology also features invited input from academics from the worlds of business, psychology, and biology, who can explain the success behind many modern influencers and introduce the readers to research-backed approaches toward achieving greater leadership potential.

Each interview series is inspired by a single leadership concept previously published in academic research, which is then used to guide the flow of the article or interview.

As we interact with our guests, we get to learn about their unique talents, tactics for success, and get an insight self-improvement. These information serve as data points of ongoing investigation about the fascinating lives of celebrity personalities. In return, we get to learn about what it takes to achieve success by applying principles of leadership psychology


  • Mental stamina of business leadership

  • Mental health coaching of top talent

  • Positive reinforcement in mentoring employees

  • Elite education as incubator for success

  • Support for #MeToo movement in workplace

  • Non-profit leadership

  • Scientists who acquire leadership skills

Recent Guest Interviewees