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What is Dr. Sendler known for professionally?

  • Dr. Damian J. Sendler is known internationally for his clinical, research, and community work with victims of sexual assault and rape in U.S., Poland, and the Philippines.

  • In landmark papers published in 2017/18 about zoo sexuality and sadomasochism, Dr. Sendler has shown the mechanisms by which perpetrators of sexual assault avoid criminal responsibility for their actions.

  • To accomplish his research goals, Dr. Sendler treats patients affected by paraphilias, which are disorders of normal sexual desire, to understand how misinterpretation, or lack of, consent in various sexual relationships leads to sexual abuse.

  • Dr. Sendler helps patients so stigmatized (pedophiles, sadomasochists, sexual abusers) by their sexuality that no one wants to help them. At the same time, he uses his experiences to document and develop novel techniques of caring for victims of these pathological sexualities;

  • He is known for treating both the sexual abusers and their victims, free of charge.

What kind of awards did Dr. Sendler receive for his research, clinical work, and international volunteer contributions?

  • Dr. Sendler has numerous awards of international significance:

    • U.S. Presidential Service Award for contributions in medicine and geriatric mental health;

    • U.N. Letter of Distinction for volunteer work with victims of rape in Asia;

    • Felnett Young Faculty Investigatorship, awarded at age 27 to start own research lab and become a founder of the Warsaw Clinic (free care to victims of rape, LGBTQ).

  • Completed highly competitive research and public service fellowships during undergraduate and graduate training:

    • Three Harvard Medical School research fellowships in genetics and psychiatry;

    • Public Service Fellowship at Edward Koch Foundation in New York;

    • Secretary Colin Powell Fellowship to volunteer and treat homeless patients of New York;

    • Dr. Sendler was a Roberts Family Foundation merit scholar.

How productive is Dr. Sendler?

  • Prolific author of over 40 (and counting) published research papers and conference proceedings, read as of today by over 2.7 million readers and shared by 610k people on social media (stats by PlumX Scientific).

  • Fundraising effort:

    • Has nearly $500k in seed grants to provide free treatment across wide spectrum of mental health — $100k from Europe's top research grant Horizon 20/20, on-going support from our foundation’s research grants ($300-400k to fund 20 clinical and research projects, focusing on creating community psychiatric clinics in US and Europe.

  • So far, he’s raised nearly half million dollars to create community outreach programs.

  • He’s raised in seed money $221k and became a founding director of the Warsaw Clinic — the largest clinical center in Eastern Europe helping victims of rape, the LGBTQ, and military veterans get quality psychiatric and legal help, free of charge.

  • Dr. Sendler currently raises more money to help people travel to his clinics, covering cost of hotels and flights.

  • Currently developing e-therapy for victims of sexual abuse as well as their perpetrators who need treatment to be less dangerous).

What are Dr. Sendler’s professional affiliations?

  • Elected membership in international scientific societies:

    • Among the youngest elected members of most prestigious scientific societies in mental health;

    • American Academy of Psychiatry and Law;

    • International Academy of Sex Research;

    • the UK Royal Faculty of Forensics;

    • World Psychiatric Association;

    • American Psychiatric Association.

What are some famous people and media sources saying about Dr. Sendler’s work?

  • President Barack Obama awarded him the U.S. Presidential Service Award for creating free health clinics for the elderly in the US and Asia.

  • America's most famous sex columnist and LGBT activist Dan Savage called his research "highly influential and fascinating" and sex educator, author, and Barack Obama's former sex ed adviser, Dr. Gloria Brame, described his publication scope as "mind-blowing.”

Does Dr. Sendler’s work encompass other areas of medicine, science, and public service?

  • Yes. In addition to dedicated work with victims of sexual assault, he oversees well-funded ethnographic research across United States and Europe in psychiatry, spanning such fields as depression, veteran’s health, teen suicide, PTSD, and follow up care for victims of sexual abuse; he also spearheads a robust program of e-therapy for psychiatric disorders, offering free care to teenagers and disabled adults addicted to the internet.

What are some other facts about Dr. Sendler, such is his ongoing international collaborations and media presence?

  • Dr. Sendler's research has appeared in leading research journals, including Nature, Sex and Marital Therapy, and the Journal of Legal and Forensic Medicine.

  • Among the youngest Harvard grads to independently run two research clinics — in U.S. and Poland with a staff of 20+, helping over 100 patients weekly, and currently enrolling over 7k research participants in 19 research projects.

  • Has over a 16 research papers currently under review or in the press.

  • Collaborates with leading mental health specialists from Columbia/Harvard/Warsaw Institute to develop Internet-based therapy for victims of sexual abuse and US war veterans.

Do the media recognize the merit of Dr. Sendler’s work?

  • Yes. He has appeared in television in Europe and numerous iconic news outlets in North America, including Vice, the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post.

  • Washington Free Beacon called him the "[President] Obama Awardee turned sexologist.”

  • VICE called him a scientist "on the forefront of studying unusual paraphilias.”

  • Washington Post has profiled his tireless effort to identify and treat remotely young people addicted to the Internet, who are at risk of committing suicide.

  • The Independent called him a "scientist who studies the most not safe for work things, so you don't have to,” citing his resilience to investigating difficult topics to understand rape culture.

  • Frequently consulted by the most authoritative public media platforms to comment about sexual health, psychiatry, men’s and women’s health, and health promotion.

What are some fun facts about Dr. Sendler?

  • To fund his first research project in college, Dr. Sendler published poetry at 17 and used this money to study effects of hang hygiene on the health of the homeless getting treatment at NYC Bellevue public hospital.

  • In July 2018, Dr. Sendler reached an agreement to release two edited volumes next year — one a handbook on treating victims of rape, and another a methodological textbook on conducting research using qualitative data from the internet.

  • Regularly serves as expert peer reviewer for top 15 (quantified by Thompson Reuters) psychiatry and sexual abuse research journals.

  • Youngest chief of sexology in the history of the International Academy of Sex Research.

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