Damian Jacob M. Sendler is an award-winning clinician sexologist, the scholar of forensic and legal medicine, and the scientist trained in digital epidemiology. He is chief of sexology and clinical research programs at Felnett Health Research Foundation for North America and the director for the program in the study of sexual minorities and health policy at Felnett Health Europe. In basic clinical research, his most important scientific goal is the development and implementation of the Internet-based platforms to treat psychiatrically disabled patients. In legal medicine, he's working on a model explaining the role - and modes - of verbal/written/implied consent in cases of suspected sexual abuse and rape, using bio-socio legal perspective. In general sexology, his principal work includes characterization of paraphilias,  LGBT health, and general psychosexual and urogenital medicine.

          Damian specializes in the treatment of patients with psychological and psychiatric conditions, ranging from post-traumatic stress among military veterans, and extending all the way to complex forensic cases involving paraphilias. Aside from clinical work, he designs and executes clinical research to drive discoveries in mental health and digital epidemiology. Recently, he's made significant progress in developing suicide prevention programs offered online, as well as studies investigating the health of the LGBT utilizing cross-cultural comparative interviews. Damian spearheads one of the most globally vibrant programs in cyber health, aiming to catalog, analyze, and describe how people create, share, and utilize health information sharing networks on the Internet. The underlying hypothesis is that in an increasingly digitalized reality, the Internet is a fertile ground for investigating how health information shared online affect participation in, and delivery of, medical treatments.

          Dr. Sendler completed training through rigorous M.D.-Sc.D./Ph.D. program, and received undergraduate and graduate education at NYU, Columbia, and Harvard. He has expertise in medicine, forensic sexology, and law, psychology, cancer genetics, as well as psychiatric epidemiology and public health. A frequent guest at international psychiatric and sexological meetings, he presents work on paraphilias, general psychiatry, and adaptability of e-therapy in providing Internet-based psychological interventions. Professionally, Damian is a junior member of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, the International Academy of Sex Research, and the American Psychiatric Association; and has served as expert peer reviewer for several notable publications, including the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, and the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine.

Throwback Photography ---- Dr. Sendler (last row, second from left) during graduate studies at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School in Boston, M.A., United States. Official lab photo, May 2013. 

         During undergraduate tenure at NYU, he interdisciplinarily studied the relationship between the scientific revolution and theological thought. At the same time at Columbia, Damian completed rigorous thesis research at the Institute of Cancer Genetics where he studied mammary gland remodeling in the context of microRNA-mediated tissue transformations in animal models of breast cancer. Subsequently, he moved to Boston to scientifically study epigenetic drug development and psychiatric epidemiology, both at Departments of Genetics and Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School.   

          While at Harvard, Damian worked toward completing a graduate degree, and built a portfolio of research experience in biology, leading to full-time positions as an associate biologist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute & the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.  

          Dr. Sendler is a recipient of several notable distinctions, including the United States President Barack Obama's Gold Service Award for humanitarian work, and United Nations in Asia Letter of Distinction for providing care to victims of sexual abuse. He held fellowships in public service from the Edward I. Koch Foundation in New York and honors medical research at Harvard Medical School in Boston. Damian's college education was generously supported by the Roberts Family Foundation and Peter Vallone merit scholarships. His research in medical genetics earned him Dean's Award for Summer Research at NYU.

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